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Acropora Schmitti $149.00

This is just about as far as I ever got with video games. Well maybe some original PlayStation around the turn of the millennium and of course I got into the Zelda with the Ocarina, but after that, they passed me by pretty quick. So I’m kind of stuck in the 90s for sure when it comes to gaming as they say, and really more the 80s, as I do still have my NES that gets dusted off every now and then for a few rounds with Iron Mike and maybe some Kung Fu.

The Genesis years were good years, and with them brought games like Pit Fighter and Boogerman, Earthworm Jim! I'm mean come on that was amazing. Then there was Vectorman which was just plain cool.  

So when I was scraping through the personal annals of nostalgia for something to call this acro, Vectorman is what came to mind. Just popped in there. So I went and dug up the old original cartridge, and sure enough. There on the cover was the spherically constructed green and blue icon who had just become the namesake of this remarkable acro. Perfect I thought. And that was that. Easy one. Now I just had to wait a while before I could really get a good shot of it and try not to clip it too much. That was about two years ago as of 2016

Well, I am sorry it took me this long but when I looked at this thing today, I knew he was going in the pic tank immediately. The Vectorman is looking better than ever. It's time to showcase him a little. A sweet blue and green/yellow Horrida type variant that has just come into its own so well in captivity the last couple of years. Not a fast grower and he never really encrusted much either, but I've been pounding him with light and it's fair to say, he's not a frag anymore. 

So yeah, it's another "Fill in the blank"-Man sps, named after some bygone video game robot. But whatever. If you guys think I really take these names seriously then you may be giving me more credit than I deserve. Still a fitting name by any standard.  

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