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Acropora Tabling $199.00

I swear I'm not purposely trying to repel you with some of these goofy as ever names, but it's just where we are at now. I mean in a world where acro names are convenient and make sense, this is clearly the Aquaman Table! Obvious cousin of the Superman with its blue tips and red body, The Aquaman has the same scheme only with green and orange. It's almost uncanny in fact. But let's just go ahead and call it the Aquatic-man table instead for fun. Or, you know what? If you've got something better then have at it. I am all ears.

But all kidding aside, this is a table like no other that I've seen. As the more familiar red, with blue tippers seems to be pretty common these days, this beauty is a distinct red/orange with green tips, and I absolutely love it! I've been secretly hoarding the surviving frag from an Aussie colony that perished a couple of years ago now. What you see in the pic is all I've got of this thing. Maybe a little premature yet even to show off but I just had to shoot this thing today.

Probably one of the coolest and more unique tables I have ever seen. Certainly a huge standout among my own collection. In fact, the old Superman looks pretty "normal" next to this guy. Ultimately I don't really care so much. Call it whatever you like, but I just love stuff like this.

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