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Acropora sp. $195.00

No kidding! I was so excited about this one, I made up a teaser thread boasting about its potential and how it may be the sweetest stag I have ever seen sometime earlier this year! The fanfare was short-lived and the Bubblebath remained perfectly obscure while it continued to flourish here un fragged and un-abused.

Well, even with a hint of future regret, I can't keep this one under wraps any longer. I finally got him back in the photo tank for a few more close ups today!

Looking as good as ever, The Bubblebath Unicorn has become without a doubt, one of the premier pieces in my entire collection. Captive about a year now, the Bubble represents everything I like about sps. With it's unique and deeply contrasting colors this guy just wins. I mean, I see green, red, orange, purple, yellow and even some tints of blue! Good stuff and clearly not a fresh colony just off the boat yesterday;). These colors have came out and been sustained under captive conditions. I honestly don't know if it gets much better than this for a stag! And for those of you that love the blues.... it's a whole other monster with some RB or actinics in the mix. Believe me when I say, what you see here is as plain as it can look.

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