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"Blue Light Specials" Box $300.00

Impressive, random Rainbow Tenuis packs.   As pack price goes up, frag size and coloration will go up accordingly.   

Lots of them named, and lots unnamed.  If I'm being honest, I am way tired of naming these things anyway.   

The frags you receive will not be labeled or named at all.

However, my apathy is your gain!  I've got a literal glut of stupid-pretty rainbow tenuis growing out over here.    Most of these corals look just ok to straight up crappy under whites.  But, will radiate that magical Tenuis color when the deep blues are on for sure.  Hence the name.  Polyps turn bright orange and otherwise subtle dark tissue glows pink and green.  

Believe me when I say, this is the antidote to these obscenely priced and over hyped "rainbow" colored Tenuis micro-frags I keep seeing more and more of.   Don't fall for it ever again. Please.

Here are a couple unboxing vids of blue light packs, by Reefer Matt, and Mad Hatter's Reef on YouTube!