BC & DELTEC: Together at Last!

I have made no secret of my devotion to Deltec products over the years, and most of you that know me, are well aware of my nerdy fascination with the skimmers in particular. I can’t really even explain it as my feelings are pretty mundane across the board for most of the “gear” side of the hobby. I am a tinkerer, just as much as anyone and I love my “techie” gadgets and gizmos as well, but there is something about the Deltec skimmers that I have been drawn too since my first introduction around the turn of the millennium.

Maybe it was simply in the name at first. Deltec had a ring to it that really appealed to me. It just sounded cool and intriguing. Perhaps it was the sleek design of the early models that pulled me in. Or maybe it was simply the fact that at the time, Deltec was considered the best, and had pioneered modern advances in fractionation, that would influence practically all modern skimming methods as we know today. Deltecs' innovative needle wheel design caught on, winning over longtime users of lime wood and downdrafts. The needle wheel’s superior performance was more consistent and much more efficient.

Now there’s a legion of new reefers out there that have never heard the name Deltec, and it’s certain that in the last decade, there have been a tremendous amount of new companies making quality skimmers that perform near the level of Deltec. For me,  however, there is no comparison at all. Between unmatched performance and their gorgeous aesthetics, my fanatical devotion has not wavered even slightly. Those of you that currently use, or have in the past used these skimmers, know exactly what I mean.  For all those future owners, you will soon know the satisfaction of owning a Deltec.

The only problem Deltec has had in recent years, here in the US, besides very limited availability, has been little to no customer support. These are great products, but they are not immune to wear and tear, and the rare but occasional defect. With the return of Deltec's legendary customer service in the U.S.,  together we are ushering out a lost decade, and reintroducing Deltec to a whole new class of reefers, and finally getting properly reacquainted with all our old friends.

Today, I'm here to reassure you that all the of the same, down to earth efforts and principles that drive Battlecorals, will be garnered for Deltec now as well. I look forward to getting to know even more of you and providing you with the finest skimmers ever made