I ship UPS overnight exclusively.   This will usually cost around 50.00 - 80.00 depending on where you live.    

I do offer Free shipping on all orders over 250.00 as well
I have been shipping long enough to know that things happen in transit that can affect the health of the coral.

My policy is as simple as this, if your stuff is doa when it arrives I will replace, usually in a future order as this is the most economical way to get you replacements.    Please do not expect me to re-ship you one  or two corals that were doa.

If you coral comes in alive, but doesn't make it after a few days, I will work with you on replacements.  Realize there is a difference between Dead on arrival and  subsequent acclimation issues that are out of my control. 

Sometimes I may ask to see a pic at my own discretion.